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life-insurance2Everyone needs insurance, and there are many different types of coverage. If you are looking for a local Uniontown, Pennsylvania insurance resource that can handle all of your insurance needs in a turnkey manner, you are in the right place. Our insurance agency, Defurio Mongell & Associates, can and will make sure that you have the coverage that you need at the lowest possible prices. Without question, Uniontown, Pennsylvania is a great place to live. There is access to a large metropolitan area, but the town itself has a close-knit feel with just about 10,000 residents. Wherever you may live in Uniontown, PA, from New Salem to Hopwood to Bethelboro, we can satisfy your insurance needs.

The Cheapest Car Insurance in Uniontown, PA

Car insurance is something that every driver must carry, but the costs can be difficult to absorb. Many people accept the first quote that they are given by a random company that they choose for no particular reason. In a lot of cases, these individuals pay far too much for their car insurance. You can avoid this trap if you work with our agency. We will get you the cheapest car insurance Uniontown, Pennsylvania residents can obtain, but it will still provide you with ironclad protection. Plus, we have you covered if you need affordable motorcycle insurance.

Uniontown, PA Homeowners Insurance

If you are like most people, your home is your most significant investment. It is important to carry the appropriate level of homeowners insurance coverage, and there are also mortgage company requirements that must be taken into consideration. We have the experience and expertise that it takes to find our clients the ideal home insurance coverage, and we provide quotes that won’t break the bank.

Life Insurance & Health Insurance

Our agency can provide solutions if you’re looking for life insurance coverage or health insurance as a Uniontown, Pennsylvania resident. Long-term care insurance is a form of health insurance that you should also consider, because most people will need living assistance eventually, and Medicare will not pay for it.

Uniontown, Pennsylvania Business Insurance

In addition to our personal insurance offerings, we also offer commercial insurance solutions. We provide area businesses with the appropriate forms of liability insurance, and we can also satisfy your group life and health insurance needs.

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