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The insurance industry is competitive and auto insurance is no exception. However, competition is a good thing because it provides you with options. On the other hand, many options can be confusing. It is difficult to know which auto insurance agent or option is the right when there are so many to choose from. A good rule is to deal with a local independent agent. Defurio Mongell is a local independent agent and can help you with commercial vehicle insurance or private auto insurance in Greensburg, Mt Pleasant PA, Scottdale or Uniontown.

Vehicle or auto insurance covers anything from a normal car to a watercraft. So, car insurance is a type of auto insurance. Boat insurance is also a type of auto insurance. Car insurance is compulsory since you drive on public roads and as such you have public responsibility. Auto insurance can also analyzed from coverage and price perspectives.

Auto insurance normally covers the following areas: Liability, vehicle damage and medical. Liability insurance covers you if your negligent driving causes injury or damage to others. This is also called 3rd party insurance. If own a motor car, liability insurance is compulsory. However, liability insurance only covers claims by 3rd parties, it does not cover your own damages or injuries.

The important is that of vehicle damage. Auto insurance provides two options. Collision damage and comprehensive. Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle because of a road accident. Comprehensive insurance cover damages to your vehicle arising from other events such as storm damage. For medical cover, you will need some type of personal injury protection plan.

The cost of your auto insurance is also an important consideration. There are many factors that influence how much you will pay. However, a local and independent agent will get you’re the best coverage at the best price for your risk profile.



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