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Auto insurance for all your vehicles

When we think of auto insurance we most mostly think of car insurance. That is of course the focus of auto insurance but you can extend your coverage to include many other types of vehicles such as motorcycles, ATV, classic vehicles, boats and watercraft. DeFurio Mongell agency specializes in auto insurance and can help you with car insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance and more in Connellsville, Greensburg, Mt Pleasant PA, Scottdale and Uniontown.

Car and truck insurance probably constitutes the biggest share of auto insurance. There are many risks attached to driving a vehicle on public roads and in public areas. Since your negligence can result in injury or damage to third parties, you need your car or truck insurance to cover that possibility. In fact, the liability component of auto insurance is compulsory. But 3rd party claims are not the only risks you face.

There are millions of recorded vehicle accidents every year. These can range for minor but annoying fender benders to serious and devastating crashes. Even small repairs can strain your already strained finances. Something more serious could push your financial situation over the edge – unless of course you have proper auto insurance.

So both liability insurance and collision cover are important aspects of car and auto insurance. There are other risks such as theft, vandalism, storm damage that you may want to consider. There are also specific optional benefits such as roadside assistance and alternative transport that you may want to consider.

Cars and trucks are not the only vehicles you might own. You could extend your auto insurance to cover other types of vehicles. This might also mean you qualify for cheaper rates. There are many factors and consideration when it comes to auto insurance and it’s always a good idea to get some professional advice and assistance.




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