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You work hard in your business and it provides you and your employees with income. It is something you need to protect with suitable business insurance. We all face risks but and as business owner or manager you need to have the risk management strategy. DeFurio Mongell is an independent agent and can help you with suitable business insurance in Greensburg or Uniontown. They will custom tailor a loss mitigation strategy that will work for you.

There are some common risks that all business face. These include property loss because of fire, theft or some other event. A catastrophic event such as a fire could result in business interruption and most businesses should have coverage for that. Liability suits is another risk most businesses need to protect against. The BOP (Business Owners Policy) is designed to address these common risks. It is a form of packaged commercial insurance that is suitable for small and medium sized concerns. However, there are many risks that are not covered under a BOP. These include road accidents, professional liability suits, worker’s compensation, disability and health.

You may also have a specific type of business that requires additional commercial insurance. Examples include building contractors, transporters, artisans, body shops, public entities and professional people such as lawyers and doctors. Custom business insurance may include a BOP policy and additional policies to cover areas not dealt with under a BOP.

Additional business insurance policies could include professional indemnity, errors and omissions, commercial auto, group health, worker’s compensation, bonds and sureties, umbrella insurance, comprehensive insurance, key man policies, special events, cybercrime.

Business insurance is a complex field and it is probably best to deal with an independent agent who specializes in commercial insurance. DeFurio Mongell can help you with a proper risk management and business insurance solution in Greensburg or Uniontown.



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