Contractor’s Insurance in Scottdale, Connellsville, Greensburg, Mt Pleasant, & Uniontown, PA from DeFurio Mongell & Associates.

We can write coverage for you, no matter if you are just starting your company or a one man operation.

We understand your needs.

On a construction job site there are risks at every turn. And as a construction business owner, you would rather be worrying about completing the job at hand than whether your employees are covered by enough insurance. It’s important to have an insurance carrier who understands the unique exposures involved in construction. That’s why DeFurio Mongell provides insurance from over 20 different companies, so you can get the coverage you need without compromising choice. Some of the contractors we cover include building service contractors, electrical contractors, foundries and metal casters, home builders, HVAC contractors, land improvement contractors, and over 30 other specialties.

From artisans to homebuilders.

In recent years, contractor’s insurance market has contracted along with the housing market – many of the companies that used to write insurance coverage for contractors of all types are no longer doing business, so the ones who’ve stayed have raised their rates. But not DeFurio Mongell. We remain a viable solution for Pennsylvania contractors and subcontractors. No matter what type of contractor you might be, we have insurance packages available for your needs. Our companies provide protection for tools and equipment, builders risk policies custody and control protection for small artisan contractors to home builders to HVAC contractors to general contractors.

We take away the mystery of contractor’s insurance.

DeFurio Mongell & Associates work continuously to provide you with the contractor’s coverage you require by taking the mystery away. Making well-informed choices today can help you live a more secure future. We’ll happily provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your needs. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll provide you with a customized plan that’s easy to understand, and competitively priced. We’ve been in business since 1990, providing solid solutions from more than 20 standard carriers, plus excess lines. Our professional staff are available to answer all your coverage needs, so contact us today!

The Power of Non-Traditional Solutions:

  1. The Coverage Review
    A fresh assessment of your coverage needs with an eye to avoiding the perils of too little insurance or the cash drain of too much. It starts with a site visit to your place of business, an evaluation of your current coverage configuration and its fit with your special needs. We provide you with a proposal which includes a quotation based on your current coverages and one reflecting any recommended changes to your coverage.
  2. Programs To Suit Your Special Risk
    We can provide an insurance package designed specifically for your type of risk. Through specialty programs, we can access these plans developed with the national trade association backing.

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