Home insurance policies in Uniontown and Mt. Pleasant, PA

The importance of home insurance cannot be overlooked

Your home certainly is your life’s biggest investment. Considering this, we at DeFurio Mongell offer protection both to your home as well as financial futures via affordable coverage, which is ideal for you devoid of compromising on quality. Right from the protection of the home and its personal belongings to the coverage from liability claims, our home insurance plans will protect you in ways untold. This form of insurance plays a pivotal role and should not be overlooked. In fact, it is extremely crucial in investing in these covers as the damage cost generally is too high. People residing in and around Connellsville, Greensburg, Mt Pleasant PA and Uniontown can make the most of our services.

Our homeowner insurance plans will cover both interior and exterior damage alike

  • Interior damage- a key thing which our homeowner’s insurance plan will cover is accidental damage that takes place in your home’s interior. It will cover everything from glass breakage, paint spill, fire, theft and even water damage. The truth is that the likelihood of anything taking place in the interior of the home at some point is high. So having it insured is a wise decision
  • Exterior damage- people who have experienced a drastic hail storm is well aware of the worth of a homeowner’s insurance. The exterior insurance claims indeed make up an excellent part of the insurance claim which is filed. In fact, storms cause their share of damage and destruction to houses. Falling debris, fire, lightning damage, hail damage and wind damage are the common causes of the exterior claims

Be it any form of damage in your house, including interior and exterior, major or minor our homeowners insurance plans will have you covered. If you are interested in these plans, then get in touch with our experts right away over the phone or through email. We are available 24/7 at your service.


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